“A dog has one goal in life, to bestow his heart”

LowRider Dachshund Rescue is a foster based organization. With no central facility, we rely 100% on foster homes. Foster homes give us the opportunity to get to know the dogs better before we place them in permanent homes. Fostering also allows us to rehabilitate, train, and socialize the dogs before they are placed. Fostering can be a lot of work, but the reward of seeing the dogs find loving homes is worth it!

Below is a list of questions we get asked often about fostering.

What am I responsible for as a foster?

All fosters are responsible for providing anything needed for care of any dog placed with them (food, water, shelter, bowls, crate, toys, treats). The dogs come from shelters, puppy mills, owner surrenders or strays and some have never been in a home environment. Your biggest job as a foster is to re-introduce the dog into a home environment. Socializing them, training them and most of all giving them lots of love! Fosters are required to bring their fostered dog to at least one of our adoption events normally held at a local Petsmart. At the event, you will have the opportunity to speak with potential adopters and help decide on the forever home your foster dog is placed.

Do I get to pick the dog I foster?

LowRider will take into consideration any preferences. We will place the best fit for you and the dachshund in need. Most of our intakes are highly adoptable it’s the dachshunds that have socialization problems or health issues we need help with.

How long do I keep my foster?

It is hard to give an exact time frame on how long the dog will be in our care. Some dogs you will have for a short time, others you may have for a few weeks. All fosters stay with us until we find an adopter.

What if it just isn’t working with my current foster?

We will help you overcome the situation, whether it requires additional training, or another placement. We will take care not to place a dog with you that you are not ready to handle. From time to time, the dog just isn’t a good match. Arrangements will be made to move the dog to another foster home as quickly as possible.

Who pays the medical expenses of the foster dogs?

All approved medical expenses for the foster dogs are paid by LowRider Dachshund Rescue. You will be asked to bring your foster to our approved vet.                                The only time a foster would be responsible for a veterinarian bill is if the medical problem could have been prevented by the foster family or if you choose to take the dog to an unapproved vet or after hours hospital without authorization.

How do I say goodbye to my foster?

The hardest one to let go is the first one, but we promise it does get easier. Seeing the dogs go into a loving household is very gratifying and rewarding, and knowing they will have a good home will make it much easier to let go. Also, you will quickly see that there is an endless number of dogs in need, and those dogs all deserve their chance, too. Our foster volunteers have all been through “letting go”, and we can help prepare you before, during, and after.

If you are interested in fostering, click here for the foster application. For any questions, please email us at